A clean chimney is a safer chimney!

All chimneys and flues, regardless of appliance and installation, will over a period of time build up a residue from the fuel being used, and should be swept periodically. This will help reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, help maintain the efficiency of your appliance.

Heat your home safely

Click here to download a leaflet on the safe management of fires and burners.

Regular sweeping

The severity and density of residue in a chimney will vary depending on many factors most obviously the choice of fuel, frequency of use, location, installation etc.

Self maintenance

I recommend the use of a "chimney cleaning log". These are logs that are burnt in the stove or fireplace, releasing chemicals that help break down stubborn tar.

Carbon Monoxide

I also recommend the installation of battery operated carbon monoxide detectors.

Building Regulations

If you wish to install a new solid fuel or woodburning appliance it must meet Building Regulation standards and the Local Authority must be notified.

Bird nesting

Finally, bird nesting is a perennial problem and can be a real menace and nuisance.